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HandKey II - Hand Geometry Reader

Handkey HKII handreader, 512 users, LCD display

Product Overview

The HK F Series utilises field-proven hand geometry technology that maps and verifies the size and shape of a person's hand all in less than one second. The HandKey design provides the ultimate in system reliability. Each HandKey is a complete door controller providing door lock operation, request for exit, and alarm monitoring. All information, including biometric data and decision-making capability resides locally. this ensures your doors are secure and will continue to operate properly even if all communications to the main access control computer are lost.

Key Features

  • REAL Security
  • Saves money over card-based systems
  • Memory Expansion for 512 users
  • Integrates into existing systems
  • Increases convenience by eliminating cards


 HandKey II Datasheet

 HandKey II Installation and Operation Manual

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