No middleware to install, several Authentication Factors, several form factors

The Gemalto Hybrid Card bodies are contactless options compliant with any Gemalto SafesITe smartcard (Classic, .NET, TOP, Access, IAS)

Such an hybrid card body option is the ideal solution to build an application based on a contact/contactless badge. With this option, the same smartcard embeds both a PKI contact application, ensuring Logical Access Control, and a contactless application, ensuring Physical Access Control.

Hybrid card body options includes Mifare, DESFIRE card bodies and HID card bodies.

Hybrid Card Body Benefits

The Hybrid Card Body option is the straight forward solution to combine Logical Access Control and Physical Access Control.

Just choose the solution that best fits your needs for Logical Access Control, the solution that best fits your needs for Physical Access Control. The Gemalto Hybrid smartcard will embed the 2 components in a single device.

Future evolutions are also significantly facilitated, since it will be possible to change one components without changing the second one.

Hybrid Card Body Technical Specifications

Mifare Card Body

 AvailabilityCharacteristicsDetailed Specifications
Mifare 1K Production 1 Kbyte Mifare 1K datasheet
Mifare 4K Production 4 Kbytes Mifare 4K datasheet


 AvailabilityCharacteristicsDetailed Specifications
DESFIRE 4K Production 4 Kbytes DESFIRE 4K datasheet

HID Card Body

 AvailabilityHID referenceCharacteristicsDetailed Specifications
HID Smart ISO Prox Production HID 1397 Prox w/o mag stripe HID Proximity datasheet
HID Smart DUO Prox Production HID 1398 Prox with mag stripe HID Proximity datasheet
HID iClass 16K with 2 appli areas Production HID 2011 iClass 2 Kbytes / 2 appli HID Prox + iClass datasheet
HID Prox + iClass 16K with 2 appli areas Production HID 2031 Combination of Prox and iClass HID Prox + iClass datasheet

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