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iCAM7000 series

The iCAM7000 series has features no other iris system offers. iCAM7000/7100 enables rapid iris acquisition with greater image collection for superior enrollment and recognition. A holographic targeting aid is just one part of an intuitive and interactive interface that includes voice and visual feedback for increased speed. All models feature the robust Iris ID countermeasure package experts agree sets the standard in the industry.



  • High Accuracy 1:N and 1:1 Capability
  • High Speed - High Throughput
  • Exceptional Flexibility and Ease of Integration
  • Non-contact - Clean and Hygienic  


  • Fast Fully Automatic Dual Iris Capture
  • Easy Non-intrusive, Non-contact User Interface
  • Integrated High Resolution Face Capture Camera
  • Integrated Contactless Smart Card Reader
  • Leverage Existing Infrastructure
  • Capacity for Optional Third-party Surveillance Camera
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Backwards Compatible with IrisAccess 4000 System
  • Remote Management
  • Stand-alone Door Access Capability
  • Time & Attendance Ready (iCAM7100 series only)
  • Flush or Recess Mounting
  • Capable of 1:N Matching of Millions Depending on Architecture


Identity control panels (ICU4000s) and iris enroll and matching software (EAC) may be required depending on the project requirements.

icam7000series feature

User Interface

content 7000 userinterface

  • iCAM activates when user approaches or when card is presented.
  • Picture capture range is 12-14 inches (31-35cm) away.
  • Self or auto/set height adjustment.
  • Placing dot over the bridge of nose, easily helps alignment.
  • Orange turns to green when user is at correct distance.
  • Visual indication is amplified with friendly audio prompts.
  • Right and left irides are acquired.
  • A face picture can also be captured.


Recommended Mounting Information

  • The recommended mounting height for the iCAM7000 series is 138cm (54.3 inches) from the floor to the bottom of the unit. This mounting height can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the average user at the installed location.
  • High amounts of ambient light must be avoided. Intense light sources such as sunlight or halogen lamps may reduce the image capture performance of the iCAM which may result in an increased "Failure to acquire" rate.
  • The iCAM is not weatherproof and must not be exposed to precipitation or extreme temperatures. A 3rd party enclosure may be used to protect the unit if required.

content 7100 installationheight

Mounting & Stand Solutions

The iCAM7000 Series unit can be fitted to an optional desktop Stand, recess mount (with optional recess mounting kit), or surface mount (available out-of-the-box).

Surface Mounting

The iCAM can be surface mounted with standard equipment provided with the contents of your unit. Review the following procedure for instruction on how to surface mount your iCAM7000 series unit.

1. Open each cap at both sides of unit, and remove the screws to release the front door. (Left : MIC / Screw Cap. Right : USB Connector / Screw Cap)
2. After opening the front door, loosen the screw. Unscrew the installation plate screw to separate from the installation plate.
3. Separate the installation plate by sliding the plate downward.
4. Place the installation plate on the desired wall and screw into wall. Feed any needed wiring through the installation plate hole (i.e.: Power, Ethernet, etc).
5. Slide the iCAM7000 series into the installation plate and fasten the installation plate with a screw.
6. Before wiring unit, confirm the power is in the off position. Route and connect the Power and Ethernet wires to iCAM7000 series.

*Note: If connecting any other wiring such as Wiegand, GPI/O to the iCAM, review the following section "Wire Connection Details" before closing front door and fastening screws.

7. Turn on Power source and switch the power switch of the iCAM7000 Series unit to the ON position.
8. After wiring the unit and switching it to the ON position, close the front door and fasten the screws (with screw caps placed back into closed position).      

Recess Mounting (optional)

The Recess mounting kit is most often used with units that will installed into a wall cavity, for the purposes of minimizing the visible profile of an iCAM7000 series unit. For information on acquiring an optional Recess Mounting Kit, contact your authorized Iris ID product re-seller for details.    

Desktop Stand (optional)

The Desktop Stand is most often used with units that will be setup as an enrollment station camera unit, or for locations that are best suited for tabletop/Desktop usage of an iCAM7000 series unit.

pdf1 iCAM 7000 Series Datasheet