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LSR110 2D Barcode Reader for smartphones and paper tickets

This high-performance 2D barcode imager operates automatically and captures barcodes instantly, in any orientation, when presented on smartphones, tablets or paper.

The device is programmable with 2-way communication, to intelligently interact with data capture and processing software, and provide operator feedback with bright green LED lights and an audible 'beep'.

Futhermore, its rugged construction, with no moving parts, enables it to withstand years of frontline use.

The LSR110 can be configured to connect directly to a workstation. It can also be configured with data format settings. Serial RS232 and USB (serial or keyboard) interface versions are also available.

Technical Features

  • Fast, omnidirectional 1D/2D barcode imager
  • Reads immediately a mobile phone, PDA or paper document – face down
  • Reads all common airline documents, including linear and PDF417, Aztec Data Matrix, QR IATA recommended 2D symbologies
  • RS232 & USB (serial or keyboard) interface options
  • FLASH upgradeable software
  • Visible green light & audible good read indication
  • Single detachable cable
  • Very compact, measuring 120L x 90W x 70H mm

Barcode Symbologies

2D barcodes, such as QR codes, offer the opportunity to incorporate significantly more information than a single line 1D barcode.

2D barcodes also offer error correction options that allow the barcode to be read even if part of it has been destroyed or marked. Pixel-based 2D barcodes, such as QR and Aztec codes, are ideal for downloading to a smartphone display.

The LSR110 Reads:

  • All common linear barcodes (EAN / UPC, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, IATA 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 12)
  • 2D stacked barcodes (PDF417)
  • 2D barcodes (QR codes, Aztec, DataMatrix)


  • Ticketing and retail vouchers
  • Automatic gate and turnstile entry
  • Boarding passes
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Pre-orders and repeat orders at quick-service restaurants
  • Self-service kiosk interactions, such as hotel check in
  • Payment via virtual storecards and storage of eReceipts
  • Real-time customised marketing & promotions
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LSR120 2D Barcode Reader

High-performance omnidirectional desktop scanner for 2D barcodes.

  • Fast, accurate and reliable reads
  • Designed for smartphones and tablets
  • Works equally well with paper
  • Omnidirectional imager for read reliability in any orientation
  • Reads all popular linear and 2D barcodes, including QR codes
  • Green lights and audio beep user feedback
  • Wide throat allows easy face-up device and document reads
  • Ruggedly constructed with no moving parts to withstand years of frontline use

LSR120 Technical Features

  • Serial RS232 & USB interface optionsavailable
  • USB versions can be configured to work with the power parsing language built into the Access 'Comserv' driver
  • Can be configured to connect directly to a workstation or through an ATB42x series integrated keyboard
  • FLASH upgradeable software
  • Detachable cable
  • Options for fixed position installation, offering greater security against theft

Connection Options

  • The LSR120 can be pre-configured to connect to Access ATB42x series keyboards and OCR32x/34x standalone readers. No need to add extra serial ports to PC system units
  • Access ATB422/423 series USB keyboards can power the imager directly, without the need for an external power supply
  • Also available with configurations for direct connection to Common Use and dedicated airline workstations

Mechanical Options

  • A quick-release bracket allows the quick installation of the LSR120 into a secure base which prevents the LSR from being accidentally knocked out of position or easily stolen or removed.
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lsr116 hand phone 275px

LSR116 2D barcode reader for integration

The LSR116's unique design, with optimised focal distance and a 2D omnidirectional barcode imager, ensures read reliability for smartphones, tablets and paper. Its high-speed performance captures and decodes linear and 2D barcodes instantly on presentation in any orientation.

It has a small-footprint, slot-in design to enable fast and easy integration into third-party, public access kiosks and gates. Furthermore, its rugged, water-resistant construction, with no moving parts, enable it to withstand years of indoor and outdoor public frontline use.

The LSR116 may be configured with data format settings. Serial RS232 and serial or keyboard USB interface versions are available. When operated in interactive mode, the LSR116 can be controlled by the host application to give green light LED 'successful read' feedback to the user. 

The LSR116 is designed to read 2D barcodes including QR, AZTEC and Datamatrix from smartphones, tablets and paper.

  • Fast, accurate and reliable reads for smartphones and tablets
  • Rugged, dust-proof and water-resistant
  • Compact, sealed, slot-in design
  • Reads all popular linear and 2D barcodes
  • Equally high-performance reading paper

LSR116 Technical Features

  • Fully sealed, robust, water-resistant units suitable for integration into indoor or outdoor kiosks, podiums and gates
  • Quick plug-in design reduces cost of kiosk integration
  • Unique optimised focal distance design improves read performance for paper, PDA's, tablets, smartphones and mobile handsets
  • Intuitive operation with user feedback (green & red LED lights)
  • RS232 and USB (serial or keyboard) interface options
  • Reads on face-down presentation of a barcode
  • Reads 2D, QR, AZTEC, Datamatrix, PDF417 and linear symbologies
  • Single interchangeable cable connection to host PC
  • RS232 and USB (serial or keyboard) interface options
  • FLASH upgradeable software
  • Interactive mode allows host application to control reader functions
  • Fully configurable via detachable host interface

pdf1 Datasheet