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KeyPac Solo - Standalone Readers

Quick and simple to use, as well as compact and flexible in application the KeyPAC Solo series unlocks the door to proven reliability and security.

This affordable package is perfect for multi-user access to a small office and single door access control customers, allowing opening or unlocking of a door, gate or other access.

Simply placing an ID device in front of the KeyPAC Solo (up to 200mm reading range) opens the door. The IDs are small and self-contained, available as either a token or card and are maintenance free supported by PAC’s lifetime guarantee.

Should you ever lose a token / card, or need to restrict a user from the building, cancelling of it couldn’t be simpler, and doesn’t interfere with access for all the other users.

KeyPAC Solo is available in a variety of enclosures, standard, universal and vandal resistant for hostile environments. All carry dual LEDs and a built-in sounder which alerts when a door is either left ajar or forced open.

Best Business Use

  • Small office and single door access control customers
  • Remote locations such as gate houses

Key Advantages

  • Maintenance free and suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Easy to install, low profile, surface mounted
  • Capacity of up to 2,000 users
  • Standard and Universal models are designed to fit a standard MK™ backbox
  • Five Year Guarantee, Lifetime on tokens and cards


  • Proximity reader and control system integrated into one small unit
  • Alarm output for use in addition to internal sounder, to sound remote alarm or activate light, etc.
  • Available in stainless steel vandal resistant design for extreme and hostile environments
  • Anti-Tamper protected
  • Extended reading range, means costs can be reduced by using one unit to control door from the opposite side of the wall.


 KeyPAC Solo overview

Oneprox Readers


PAC® Oneprox™ GS3 reader

The PAC® Oneprox™ GS3 reader range is PAC's next generation of readers offering a stylish, unobtrusive design and a reliable addition to any access control system. The GS3 provides guaranteed quick and dependable read times to keep traffic moving through secure areas as well as low power consumption in an easy to install package.

pdf1 GS3 reader - Low Frequency Datasheet

pdf1 GS3 reader - Multi Frequency Datasheet

PAC Oneprox™ Standard Reader

The Standard proximity reader offers outstanding reliability in an easy to install package and smart styling that blends easily with any décor. Reads PAC and KeyPAC technology ID tokens and cards.

pdf1 Datasheet


PAC Oneprox™ Mullion Reader

The PAC Oneprox™ Mullion offers a traditional look with superb reliability, consistent read range and low power consumption in an easy-to install package. Reads PAC and KeyPAC technology ID tokens and cards.

pdf1 Datasheet


PAC Oneprox™ Vandal Reader

The Vandal Resistant Reader meets the tough environmental demands of public environment applications that may need to withstand resistance to inclement weather conditions, accidental damage and physical attack. Reads PAC and KeyPAC technology ID tokens and cards.

pdf1 Datasheet


PAC Oneprox™ Key Pad Reader

The Proximity Keypad Reader is a combined pin entry and proximity reader providing dual verification technology. Reads PAC and KeyPAC technology ID tokens and cards.

pdf1 Datasheet

oneprox designer mullion

PAC Oneprox™ Designer Mullion Reader

The Designer range of innovative proximity readers offers unsurpassed quality and reliability together with industry-leading performance and outstandingly dependable reads. The interchangeable cover design fits any decor and creates a lasting impression in any environment, and has been specifically designed with the DDA regulations in mind.

pdf1 Datasheet


PAC Oneprox™ Panel Mount Reader

The PAC ® Oneprox™ Panel Reader is especially designed for door entry security access control applications.

pdf1 Datasheet

Token part numbers

Designed to work with the OneProxTM reader range, Stanley (153KHz) Tokens require no batteries or physical contact with the reader. Used together with PAC's access control systems, a user's movements can be monitored and a building protected.

Stanley Tokens are ergonomically designed and available in seven distinctive colours for easy identification or personal preference. The new shape tokens are fully interchangeable with our existing token range, and are compatible with   Easikey ®, OneProxTM and PAC ® readers, GDX ® Indigo and GDX ® Concierge systems.

Easy to attach to a key ring, badge clip or badge holder and built to withstand harsh operating environments  Stanley  Tokens are ideally suited for any location where photo IDs are not required. Stanley Tokens are also fully interchangeable with our existing PAC token range.

Stanley   Tokens can be programmed into any of PAC's residential or commercial access control systems to monitor a user's movement   and protect the building. The token need only be held near a PAC door reader for the code to be read (access will be granted or denied within 0.5 of a second) and can easily be deleted from the system if lost or stolen.  

pdf1 Stanley Tokens Datasheet

pdf1 Stanley ISO Cards Datasheet

Quick and simple to use, as well as compact and flexible in application the KeyPAC Solo series unlocks the door to proven reliability and security.

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